Events in the Reedville Area

New to Blogging, I wrote about the “Blessing of the Fleet,” marked it to post on a certain day, and then didn’t hit the publish button:)  So, though just published, I hope you will enjoy the information.

  This is a wonderful, unique event, for an area tied t0 the             history of watermen, the fishing industry, and the joy of sailing and power boating.

There are still Father’s who teach their son’s about crabbing, pound nets, and gill nets. Information almost lost to the world  outside of small fishing communities like this. And, if you retired here you might never be privy to this small world of  people.   Only if interested, can you seek to observe and learn.

We are so lucky to have the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum to remember, promote, and display this wonderful heritage.

When you come to Fleeton Fields Bed & Breakfast, I love to tell the story of Reedville, and hope to help the history come alive for you.


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